You love being a coach, but you don’t love dealing with the tech.

(Luckily, I do)


I help non-techie coaches get their systems online fast, so you can spend more time with clients and less time tearing your hair out!

You became a coach because you love helping people.

Not because you’re a fan of web design and tech integrations (…ugh)

It’s my job to make sure you don’t let complicated tech stop you from reaching the people you’re here to help

Let’s Keep it Simple, Sunshine!

There are just three tech tools you need to grow a 6-figure coaching business online:

A Client-Converting Website (that’s easy to update)

An Online Scheduler so you can book clients while you sleep

Simple Email System so you can connect with leads and turn them into paying clients 

Let me guess…

>> You have a calling to help more people than just those who live in your local area

>> You know you need an online marketing system, but you don’t know what tech you need (vs what’s just hype)

>> You’re tired of trying to figure it all out all on your own

>> You resent all the time that tech research takes away from the work you actually like to do 



Sometimes you wish you just had someone you trust who knows all the tech and understands your business to say,

“Here…this is the best fit for what you do.”

Well hey, looks like today’s your lucky day!

Hi! I’m Trish

I’m all about helping non-techie coaches like you get set up online quickly and easily, so you can spend more time with your clients and less time trying to figure out the tech.

I’m told it’s pretty rare to find someone who’s geeky enough to understand tech, yet “human” enough to share it in a relatable and non-judgmental way.

Turns out my mum was right after all – I am special!

Find out more about how I can help you get online

If you want to get your business online fast, then my done-for-you tech connect package is just what you need.

Kind Words from Lovely Clients

“All the overwhelm has vanished”

Trish was very easy to talk to and understood exactly where I am at in my business. Her report was clear, easy to follow and left me feeling like I had direction in where to take my business. All the overwhelm of too many options has vanished and I feel much more at ease and able to focus on the path forward.


Energy Healer, Michigan, USA

“Trish saved me so much time and sanity!!!”

I am not tech savvy, to put it mildly. So I was really nervous – and Trish took a huge portion of what was scary work (to me) off my plate.

She walked me through all the steps, gave me a detailed report I could refer to, answered my emails in timely manner, and even created a wrap up video that helped me understand the functionality of everything she created for me.

Having her hook up my email, domain, calendar and payment has been a life saver! Having Trish provide this service saved me so much time and sanity!!!  Not only did Trish calm my fears, she was so kind and pleasant to work with. 

I’m so grateful for her help and I would absolutely recommend her services!


Trauma Recovery Coach, North Carolina, USA

“I’m ready to apply her knowledge, skills and magic”

As a new solopreneur, I knew I needed seamless and efficient tech but felt overwhelmed by not knowing how to naviagate through the array of options.

Trish was amazing at just getting me to share about my business which helped me through my block of saying “I don’t know what I need” so I’m ready to apply her knowledge, skills and magic.

Not only was Trish making recommendations for where my business is today, she got me to think ahead to where I want to take my business, so she could tailor recommendations to ensure that they were going to be compatible with my business in the future.

The recommendations were presented in a clearly laid out and easy to use report that removed my overwhelm and gave me a step by step guide.

I feel so much more informed about the process of tech for my online business, and empowered to take the next steps in a way that feels clear and logical to me both for where my business is today, and that those will continue to support me as my business goes.


EFT Practitioner, British Colombia, Canada


Fast-track your success with a cheat sheet to the exact tech platforms you need to run a 6-figure coaching business


“Trish’s communication, follow-up, feedback, insights, and encouragement were INVALUABLE!”

I needed someone to help me develop a website and put together all of the behind the scenes tech “stuff”, which makes me feel like poking my eyes out with a fork.

I have put off pursuing my dream of starting a mission-minded business for years simply because of how overwhelmed I felt with all of the tech pieces. But then the heavens parted and somehow I connected with Trish.

She was FABULOUS and I was able to put the forks away for good!

Trish’s ability to not only explain things to me but also to offer her experience and wisdom in doing so was a true gift. Her communication, follow-up, feedback, insights, and encouragement were INVALUABLE!

She was able to see and hear behind all of my words and questions to help bring my heart and message into my website design…and the finished product is AMAZING!

My confidence has soared and I have complete trust that I can now move forward and bring myself and my passion fully into the world.


Writer/Speaker/Mentor, Colorado, USA

“I was able to step down from the tech hamster wheel and move forward”

My business tech set up was overly complicated and needed an overhaul to the 10 year old solutions it was built on. When I found Trish, I was spinning in tech research and overwhelmed.

Her first step was to discover my vision for my company and the choices she provided for me kept this vision in mind. Trish took an indepth look at my current setup and made multiple recommendations for the new setup in a “Choose Your Own” format that I loved!

She identified different solutions with pros and cons and how each solution would affect the vision I had for my company.

She also provided me with some marketing strategy to take advantage of each tech solution. That was a bonus!

I was able to step down from the tech hamster wheel and move forward with the upgrades that would get me back on track in my business!

Having Trish’s eyes on my business helped me get out of my own way. 

I would recommend this service in a heartbeat to anyone on the tech hamster wheel!


Life and Business Mentor, Utah, USA

“She took all the stress, headaches and overwhelm away!”

I was struggling to keep on track with my content and launches. After getting overwhelmed and wanting to give up, I started working with Trish and she took all the stress, headaches and overwhelm away!

Highly recommend working with Trish if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything “to do” in your business.

Katie J

Marketing Mentor for Mompreneurs, Bali, Indonesia

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