I’m 100% sure that working online is the best way to build a life you love.

✺  You can work the hours you want to work (and take naps when you need them)

✺  You can wear whatever you want to wear (hello, yoga pants)

✺  You can decide exactly how much face-to-face time with humans you can handle

✺  You can truly be yourself in all your dorky glory, knowing that your dream clients will love your weirdness

As a soulful solopreneur, you get to design your workday so it’s aligned with your natural energy rhythms, act always in accordance with your values and ethics, and basically get paid to be yourself

That there’s introvert heaven!

So why do so many of us feel pressured to design our business around brash, extrovert-centric strategies that leave us burned out, exhausted and unhappy?

Hi! I’m Trish

My superpower is cutting through complicated clutter and making stuff simple

I spent the first half of my working life using my thinking-superpowers for the benefit of international diplomacy and various membership-based organisations.

But being told how I should behave or (even worse) being forced to stand behind positions that I didn’t personally agree with, starting eating away at my soul.

As an off-the-scales introvert (INFP) and Human Design Projector, I’m almost physically allergic to acting in a way that doesn’t align with my values and beliefs.

Side note: This also means I’m terrible at lying (and playing poker)

So working for myself  was a no-brainer, and now I get to use my thinking superpowers to help heart-centred female entrepreneurs clear their mental and digital clutter and create an aligned business that amplifies their income, impact and introvert superpowers!


I’ve made it my mission to help 10,000 women gain freedom and financial independence by growing a wildly profitable lifestyle business without selling their soul or draining their introvert energy stores.

I’d love for you to be one of them

So whether it’s:

> Figuring out the best business model for your introvert energy;

> Creating a content plan that won’t wear you out;

> Designing a hands-off sales funnel that lets you sell while you sleep; or

> Choosing the simplest software to make your life easier… 

 I can help.

Behold! My Wall of Geekery!

(okay, okay…they’re my marketing certifications)




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