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How to Make a Wish Come True

It’s the dream, isn’t it? Knowing the secret of how to make a wish come true? As I child I was obsessed with tales of Arabian genies, supernatural beings with the power to grant three wishes. I’d scour charity shops, and every time I saw a bottle that even slightly resembled a genie’s lamp, I’d give it a surreptitious rub just in case.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that rubbing mid-twentieth century gravy boats doesn’t bring anything more exciting that dirty fingertips. Sigh. But can’t you just imagine it? You’re rummaging through treasures in a bustling souk in Egypt, you find an ancient Arabian lamp covered in dust and grime, rub your sleeve across it and *boom* a genie pops out and delivers the good news. How to make a wish come true in 5 seconds. Wish granted. Happily ever after.

(Double sigh.)

I’ve now reached an age where I (very) reluctantly admit that genies aren’t real. But…that doesn’t mean that I have to view myself as a passive recipient of whatever the Universe throws at me. Luckily there’s a grown-up version of wish fulfilment, and it’s called Manifesting.

The Law of Attraction

Even if you’re not one of the 20+ million people who saw the film or bought the bestselling book The Secret, you’ve probably still heard of the Law of Attraction. This principle says that we attract into our lives the things we are focusing on.

According to the Law of Attraction, if we spend every day fretting about bills and not having enough money to pay them, we’ll continue to experience lack of money, an overload of bills, and constant stress. However if we instead focus our energy on being positive and imagining abundance and prosperity, we’ll find that the bills get paid and everything works out fine.

At first glance it sounds a bit ridiculous – the idea that a thought can influence reality. But if you dig a little deeper it actually makes perfect sense.

Here’s why…

1. The way you think and feel about things affects how you perceive the world.

Two house-hunters walking down the same street might have very different experiences depending what mood they’re in – one may be having a bad day, and find himself annoyed and disgusted by the grime and garbage lying around. The other may be feeling confident that this is where she’ll find her dream apartment. Walking down the street, she doesn’t even notice the rubbish and is inspired by the vibrant street art and the edgy feel of the neighbourhood.

2. How you perceive the world affects the actions you take.

Only one of these house-hunters is likely to stick around long enough to strike up a conversation with a local business owner. This conversation might lead her to discover the inside scoop on an impending property boom in that area.

3. The actions you take affect the material world ie your reality.

Our optimistic house-hunter buys an apartment in the area (and enjoys the sharp capital appreciation of a booming property market). Her moody mate does not.

So…what does “manifest” mean?

Well, manifesting is the process of consciously attracting something into your life. Choosing what it is you want, and focusing on bringing it into your life.

Manifesting is not magic!

It’s not about screwing up your eyes really tight, and wishing fervently for a new car to drop out of nowhere while you continue to spend 8 hours each day watching cat videos on YouTube. No matter how hard any of us wish to be a millionaire, it’s not going to happen unless we actively do something about it.

Manifesting isn’t about luck or magic – there are specific steps you need to follow. While people advocate slightly different methods, the clearest and most effective process I’ve found is that taught by Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Lucky Bitch and founder of the business empire she built around it.

Denise manifested 6 months of all expenses paid luxury travel and had the time of her life gallivanting around the world with her husband. She now helps thousands of women address their money blocks through her flagship course Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

The good part for us is that Denise also offers an awesome (and free) 5-day video series on manifesting which I highly recommend.

Sign up to the free manifesting videos here.

Want to know how I do it? I share my personal step-by-step process to manifest your desires below.

How to Make a Wish Come True

1. Clear your mind (and your environment)

This is quite possibly the hardest step of all. It’s here that you need to get rid of your skepticism, resistance and disbelief around your ability to manifest your desires. Denise will show you exactly how to do this in her free course.

2. Set your intention

You’ll need to be laser-focused for this step. If your intention is worded vaguely – for example “get more money” – you might find that you receive an extra 20 cents in your change at the supermarket tomorrow. And that’s it. Manifesting complete.

The more specific the intention, the better. For the money example, you might choose something like “receive $100 from unexpected sources by the end of the month.”

floating wishes come true

3. Focus your feelings

Manifesting isn’t an intellectual exercise. The job of the “thinking” part of your brain is to formulate an intention that is direct and specific (like the example above). But the rest of the work is down to your subconscious.

Subconscious processing takes place in a very old part of the brain (the subcortex) which isn’t connected to the part of our brain that processes language (that brazen evolutionary newcomer – the cerebral cortex). So because the subconscious is non-verbal, it responds to imagery and feelings rather than verbal directions.

This means that not only do you need to spend time visualising your intention regularly (ideally daily), you also need to feel your intention.

Denise’s free video series gives concrete examples of things you can do to really ace this step.

4. Act as if it’s already true

This is another cool brain hack to get your subconscious on board. When you act as if the thing you’re manifesting is already in your life, you create a disconnect between what your brain thinks is real (ie. the intention that you’re visualising and feeling) and what your physical senses are showing it.

Where they don’t match, it’s uncomfortable and illogical. The argument is that having this disconnect gets your subconscious on board to help bring things about so that the physical reality matches what you’re already believing is in your life. Confused? Think of it this way…

Our brain screens out hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of pieces of data every single day. If we consciously processed every single sight, sound and smell that hit our senses we’d probably go mad. When you’re focusing on the intention you wish to manifest, it signals to your brain that any information that comes along in support of that is important and should be delivered to the conscious mind.

What does this mean in reality? Well, if you’re manifesting a new job, you might see a job ad when flicking through an old trade magazine that you’ve previously read without noticing any suitable job ads at all. If you’re trying manifest a new love, your subconscious might draw your attention to a line in his/her online profile that particularly resonates with you, leading you to give them a chance instead of dismissing them outright because they have a weird haircut.

Chair and hat

5. Be patient

I know I said the first step was the most difficult, but perhaps in retrospect this one is harder. The final stage of the manifesting process is to relax and trust that the Universe / your subconscious / God / whatever you believe in will bring the manifested desire into your life. Sometimes it’s almost instant (I know people who’ve manifested money within 24 hours of requesting it) and sometimes it takes months or years. Patience is definitely required.

 So if you want to give manifesting a go yourself, I really do recommend the free video series by Denise Duffield-Thomas. I still use it every time that I want to try manifesting something in my life.

You can sign up for the free course here.

I do hope you decide to give it a go – and I can’t wait to hear about the results you get!

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  1. Jo

    Signed up! Video number 1 is even helped me realise what’s holding me back!

    Also – just remember if you do find a genie, the 1st wish needs to be for never ending wishes! 🙂

    • Trish Mossman

      That’s ALWAYS the best wish to wish for 🙂

      • yasmin mohamed

        i dont know i feel like not come true no matter what i do i fallow evrything wish i just have wishing powers the can give me anything

        • Trish Mossman

          I definitely wish I had those wishing powers too! Have you tried following this process yet?

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