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Why Everyone Should Move to Mexico

It’s hot. Stinking, boiling, unbearably hot. It feels like my skin is burning to a crisp and getting ready to melt right off, carried down my body by the river of sweat dripping off me. And the mosquitoes. They’re like ninjas, nowhere to be seen then *bam* I’m stabbed. Flailing my arms around and trying to slap them away is pointless. I’m practically swimming in in mosquito repellant, yet these knife-wielding ninjas still manage to poke holes in my defences. I have two mosquito bites on the sole of my foot.

This was what I wrote after my first two hours in Mexico.

Yet despite what seemed to be an inauspicious start, I very quickly fell in love with the country. And I fell hard. Head over heels.

The secret is out. I’m in love with Mexico.

Here’s why:

  • Mexican people are warm, funny, kind and welcoming.
  • Mexican food is delicious, wholesome, fresh, packed with flavour, and is so unlike the rubbish served up in Taco Bell as to be unrecognisable as the same cuisine.
  • Mexican culture is vibrant and colourful and fascinating – exploring Aztec and Maya civilisations and pyramids is compelling even for people who know nothing about history (and I should know).
  • The natural beauty of Mexico is nothing short of spectacular (Google it!): mountains, desert plains, stunning coastlines, jungle, waterfalls and my very favourite: cenotes (these little slices of heaven are freshwater sinkholes – above or underground – and there are over 6,000 in the Yucatán peninsula alone).

        multum ha cenote coba mexicoCenote jardin del eden playa del carmen mexico

The magical allure of Mexico came as a complete surprise to me. Within 48 hours of landing I’d cancelled all future travel plans and was viewing apartments to rent in Playa del Carmen.

I have no hesitation in saying that moving to Mexico changed my life.

That’s not an exaggeration. Getting off that plane in Mexico marked the end of what was probably the worst continuous 12 month period of my life. It gave me a fresh start, a clean slate, and the time and space needed to:

(a) recover from the crippling anxiety that had almost overwhelmed me during the year and a half I spent in a nasty, demoralising, depressing work environment;

(b) ask myself difficult questions about why I let things get to that point (again), recognising that I needed to stop repeating past mistakes; and

(c) stop delaying decisions about what I wanted to do with my life, to find ways to become clear on the path I wanted to walk and to start taking steps in that direction – towards a brighter future.

All the tips and advice I share in this blog come from experimenting on myself, and it all started with Mexico.

Moving to Mexico made me feel happy. And I want you to experience that happiness too.


…but do you want to know a secret?

This post isn’t actually about Mexico.

I’m guessing that for 99% of you, moving to Mexico isn’t practical no matter how much I rave about its wonders. Perhaps it’s not something you’d want to do even if you could. But I bet there’s something else that you want to do that gives you the same feeling as moving to Mexico gave me.

It’s something that calls out to you, that has been pulling at your heart, and that you feel deep in your bones would make you happier if you just gave yourself the permission to experience it.

What’s your “moving to Mexico” equivalent?

Maybe it’s getting someone to look after your kids for the weekend and taking a break with your hubby.

Or perhaps it’s leaving your partner behind and spending a long weekend with friends.

“Moving to Mexico” might mean getting childcare two days a week so you can work on starting your own business.

Or maybe it’s dropping back to part-time hours so you can spend more time with your family.

For my sister, it was taking time out from being an outgoing business personality and busy single mum of two boisterous boys, and having a week of solo travel to reconnect with her spiritual side in Bali.

Side note: My sis was so rejuvenated and energised by this experience that she launched a new business, Gear Styler, within two weeks of returning.

“Moving to Mexico” is about giving yourself the gift of self-nurture. Granting yourself permission to listen to your heart, and pay attention to what it’s telling you to do. It’s about taking a step towards something you’ve always wanted to do, something that takes you closer to living in line with the person you know you are deep down inside. Your authentic self.

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I was on a video chat with a friend the other day, and he couldn’t stop mentioning how relaxed I look. “Why do you look so relaxed? What’s changed?”

The only answer I could give is that I’m finally, at long last, starting to live in a way that matches my values. I’m doing what makes me happy.

Venn diagram on happiness

Source: Bud Caddell (click image for original)

Dumping a great-on-paper (but crap-in-reality) job and moving to Mexico helped free me from the pressure of other people’s expectations of what I “should” do. Now I’m listening to my heart, finding my own way in the world, and living a life where I’m much more kind to myself. I’m actively dedicated to uncovering ways that I can best help other people and make a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

It’s taken a couple of decades more than I’d have liked, but I’m finally becoming the person I was always meant to be – and it makes me blissfully happy. That’s what moving to Mexico did for me.

What dream are you putting aside, or saving for “someday”?

Whether it’s learning a new language, leaving an unsatisfying relationship, applying for a promotion or downsizing your home, you deserve to live a life that’s aligned with your true self.

Time doesn’t stop ticking, no matter how long your to-do list.

It’s time to make today the day you move to Mexico.

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I’d love to hear what “moving to Mexico” might look like for you. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Caro

    Cheers to that! (from Mexico)

    • Trish Mossman

      You’re still there! I’m seriously considering ditching Cuba and heading back to Mexico instead. Writing this post brought back all the feels 🙂

  2. Michelle

    Great post Trish, loved reading it. I am also now following your sister…..you guys truly rock!!!!

    • Trish Mossman

      Thanks so much! She really is a rock star 🙂

    • Katie

      Hey Michelle!!! Wow you’re awesome!! Thank you! It’s so nice to have a super passionate biz!! I’ve just added a link to free stuff at http://www.travelmums.club on the homepage.

      My sis is a good writer huh? I loved her post too!!!

  3. Jo

    I will find my authentic self! Just need to work out how but she’s definitely stirring inside wanting to be heard.

    • Trish Mossman

      Yes! The first step is conscious intention to take control of your life instead of being carried along by circumstance. It looks like you’re there now, so I just know you can do this!

  4. Jason

    Love the bravery, Love that you explored the hard questions life presents all of us. Great that you changed your circumstances esp. after your stressy work situation.

    Really enjoy your style of writing, looking forward to future posts!

    Keep being AMAZING!

    • Trish Mossman

      Thanks so much, Jason!


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